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konference ukThe Jutland Corridor

Hamburg, the Region of Southern Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein hosted a conference on 4 June 2014 in Vejle, focusing on the German and Danish cities and regions along the A7/E 45 and how they complement each other.

The conference brought together a range of actors for a dialogue and discussion about future areas of initiative across national borders.

The first comprehensive analysis of the growth potential of the area was presented, contributing to a mutual understanding among participants of the Jutland Corridor and why it is beneficial in a Danish, German and international perspective.

Below, please find the conference program and presentations available for downloading.

4. june 2014 from 12.00 until 16.00
Hotel Munkebjerg, Vejle

COWI, Georg Consulting.pdf (7 MB)

Prof.Dr. Jörg Knieling, URMA Project (2 MB)

Prof. Alan Harding, University of Liverpool (3MB)

Holger Bisgaard, Danish Nature Agency (2 MB)

Bente Hornbæk, Business Region Aarhus, (0.69 MB)

Jostein Soland (6 MB)

Thorsten Augustin, Schleswig Holstein (0.49MB)

Program – The Jutland Corridor

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