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Robotics and Automation: An Industry Set for Growth

Odense Area is the hotspot of the Danish robot and automation industry. A national leader in robotics and automation, local companies have established themselves as leaders in the emerging collaborative robotics and mobile robotics – growth segments with annual growth rates exceeding 60 percent.

In a new analysis, the Region of Southern Denmark maps the industry on the national level. The robot and automation industry consists of companies that produce and sell robots and automation solutions. Producers develop and manufacture automated machines, robots or robot equipment (e.g. gripping tools, operating systems), while dealers, called integrators provide automation automation solutions to end users. In total, these companies employ 7,800 employees, of which 4,100 work in integrators and the rest work in producer companies.

Producers are concentrated in the Odense area. Seven of ten producers have their headquarters in the Odense area and 48 percent of the employment among Danish producers here. Moreover, the Odense area robotics and automation industry has a high share of entrepreneurship – more than 40 percent of the firms founded since 1990 are located in the Odense area.

This report is a brief summary of the report on Robots and Automation The Region of Southern Denmark published in September 2017. The full report with more detailed data and analyses is available in Danish. The report is available for download here.