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Southern Denmark of the Future

In Southern Denmark, we are committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and to developing a coherent, attractive and sustainable region, with competent citizens and a high level of well-being and involvement.

The regional development strategy addresses the challenges we should focus on over the coming years, the opportunities we should seek out – and how we can work together to find the best solutions to the challenges and put Southern Denmark on the agenda. It has to do with the opportunities open to the people of Southern Denmark to take an education, with firing up the climate agenda, and with bringing down carbon emissions. It is about making sure that the people of Southern Denmark can travel from A to B at the appropriate times of the day, about clean drinking water, healthcare robots and a thriving cultural life. It has to do with 1.2 million people in Southern Denmark who are to have the chance to live the lives they want to live.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals set a shared global agenda for sustainable development and for rapid action to combat climate change and the consequences it brings. This is an agenda to which we wish to make an ambitious contribution. Green transition and efforts to combat climate change therefore have a key role to play in the regional development strategy; the desire to contribute to the development of a sustainable society is likewise a consistent theme in the strategy. This applies in particular to the area of education, where globalisation and rapid technological development are rendering access to relevant courses of education in all parts of the region increasingly important if we are to accommodate the future needs of the labour market.

We are to power Southern Denmark into the future even stronger than it is today. This demands collaboration and partnerships across the region, the local authorities, knowledge and education institutions, companies and local communities – and across the Danish-German border. The regional development strategy is thus also an invitation to work together to develop a cohesive, attractive and sustainable Southern Denmark.